Walking on a Leash

Eat Play Love

March 8, 2015

Be the person you would want if you were a cat! Join Melissa for a fun session learning how cats think and what drives feline behaviors…wanted or unwanted.

Jack Frost @ Happy Cats

Kitty Kindergarten

March 15, 2015

The clock is ticking on your lovable little kitten! In one fun session, Melissa can give you the skills you need to raise your kitten into your confident and affectionate Best Feline Friend.

Clicker play @ Happy Cats

Click with Your Cat

March 22, 2015

Join Sara for a fun introduction to Clicker Play, the best technique for teaching, enriching & communicating with your cat!


Woohoos & Happy Tales



on February 20, 2015

TC was adopted this week. Jog on, sweet man! Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens.     Read More→


Queen of our Hearts

on February 11, 2015

Zoey (Maebe) Zoey continues her happy reign as queen of her own kingdom. She still amazes us with her constant curiosity and zest for life. Believe it or not, after a full year with Read More→


Haley and Bailey had a great motor home trip

on February 11, 2015

Haley and Bailey have become great travelers. We left home on 1/15/15 and returning on 2/12/15. They saw a lot of south west with us and met a lot of our friends. Haley was a big hit while Bailey is still more Read More→

Buster @ home


on December 29, 2014

The weather was awful—cold, the temperature sinking below zero, and frosty—when Happy Cats’ friend and volunteer Sue stopped at a 7-Eleven gas station. Sue spotted a skinny, brown tabby trying to catch Read More→