Who We Are

At Happy Cats Haven, we take in homeless Colorado cats and kittens and find them new, forever homes. We give our cats the gift of time: time to recover from the trauma of losing their homes and time to show their true personalities.

Each adoption is hand-crafted, matching our deep understanding of each cat with the adopters' needs and family members for the perfect match. They also have all the time they need in our comfy colonies to get to know our kitties.

Our ongoing support with classes and online advice continues long past adoption. We have found forever families for over 1,300 cats and kittens since 2011!

All our support comes from private individuals and grants. Eighty-seven percent of all money we raise goes directly to making sure every cat and kitten is healthy, happy and adoptable. For every full-time equivalent staff member, we saved over 160 cats and kittens in 2015. This was made possible by all of our dedicated, loving volunteers.

We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. If you would like to make a donation, you can click directly on our Paypal button, below.

The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!


Walking on a Leash

Eat Play Love

February 14, 2016

Be the person you would want if you were a cat! Join Melissa for a fun session learning how cats think and what drives feline behaviors…wanted or unwanted.

Who, me?!

Litterbox 101

February 28, 2016

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of kitty litter! Join Melissa to learn about the many factors that can cause your cat to look outside the box…and how to fix it.

Clicker play @ Happy Cats

Click with Your Cat

March 7, 2016

Join Sara for a fun introduction to Clicker Play, the best technique for teaching, enriching & communicating with your cat!



Pumpkin, Splash, Patty, Zoe & Ash were adopted this week! Jog on, kitties! Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens. Check out our Facebook page to see our kitties heading home and happy at home!

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