Amazing AcroCats August 13th & 14th!

The rumors are true…the Acro-cats are coming back to town!
Amazing AcroCats
Samantha Martin will be here with her troupe of trained circus cats on Wednesday & Thursday, August 13th and 14th at Stargazer’s Theater.

Yes, that’s right. Trained. Circus. Cats.

Dakota plays drumsHappy Cats is proud to sponsor Samantha and her fabulous felines. She uses many of the same techniques we use to help our shelter cats regain their confidence…to create some of the most confident cats on the planet. You’ll see skateboarding cats, drum-playing cats, acrobatic cats and even a trained chicken. Oh, and don’t forget the flag-waving groundhog.

Don’t let the word CIRCUS put you off. There are no whips, no cages, no browbeaten animals. Samantha’s animals are her family and do this because they love to, not because they’re forced to. As we say with the clicker play we teach, her animals are her partners, not her subjects.

Asti the AcroCatSamantha started training the family dog at 10 and has been a professional animal trainer for over 20 years. Her animals–including rats, snakes, chickens, kinkajous and that groundhog–have worked for everyone from New Line Cinema to Megadeth. She wanted a way to keep her cats in top shape, so she started performing between assignments. Soon, the troupe was on the road.

Buggles the AcroCatMany of her family of performers are rescued cats, just like ours. Samantha is a premier foster mom, having fostered and adopted out hundreds of cats and kittens. Samantha’s animal family has the run of the house, or the RV if they’re on the road. There are no circus cages here. They all travel with her across the US in a big bus.

The Rock Cats

Samantha’s training, like our Happy Cats clicker play, is all positive. She believes in the power of working and playing with your cat to strengthen the bond between feline and human. “Once they start learning, they want to learn more,” she says.

Pinky plays guitarEven onstage, her stars always have a choice. Their carriers, which are their safe zones, are always open and ready if someone’s having an off night. Cats will be cats, even trained ones, and often things don’t go quite as planned. Samantha is quite the comedienne and uses their surprises to good effect, making great fun of it all. The show is perfect for all ages.

A portion of the proceeds is going to the cats and kittens at Happy Cats. Bring out the whole family for a evening full of giggles…knowing you’ll be helping out other cats besides Asti, Buggles, Fiji and the crew!

  • Date: Wednesday & Thursday, August 13th & 14th
  • Place: Stargazers Theatre, 10 South Parkside Drive just off Pikes Peak Avenue
  • Time: Shows start at 7; doors open at 6.
  • Tickets: Available through the Acrocats website and at Stargazers.

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Honoring Tigger

Connie's beloved TiggerOur friend and volunteer Connie Tate recently lost her beloved Tigger. As she says, “Time lessens the emotional pain but you just never forget them. He was extra special.”

Tigger was a big handsome orange marmalade tabby fellow who lived to be almost 18. As a wee baby, he looked up at her with sweet blue eyes, glowing pink nose and enormous purring engine and she was smitten.

Tigger was Connie’s soulmate cat, seeing her and her other kitties through lots of changes over the years. He was the cat who loved to be wherever Connie was, in the garden among the plants listening to her tinkling fountains, waiting to be picked up and held like a baby or cuddling next to her under the covers.

He had his sassy side too, getting her attention by swiping things off the table to get her attention when talking to her didn’t work. Mostly, though, he was content to be her lead lap cat and constant companion.

Connie recently lost Tigger to kidney disease. She says, “God got a wonderful cat and I have a deep sadness in my heart with his loss but I know he is restored to perfect health now and happily frolicking in Heaven. I will see him again one day and what a joyous day that will be.”

In his honor, Connie donated $1000 to Happy Cats Haven to be used to help other cats who are less fortunate than him. Happy Cats will be in a new space next year and we will put up a plaque in his memory to commemorate this special cat. We are deeply grateful to Connie for thinking of our kitties as she mourns her Tigger.

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Busting kitten myths at Kitty Kindergarten

Kitty Kindergarten kitten

If a puppy can go to KINDERGARTEN,
why can’t I?

Kittens are lovable, fun and easy to care for, right?

Not always! You can turn your sweet, purring baby into a frightened scaredy-cat with just a few wrong moves in a matter of weeks. The clock is ticking because their best learning time is under 5 months old.

How often have you heard people say these things about raising kittens?

  • Kittens should be adopted alone and as young as possible so they’ll bond with their humans.
  • New kittens can go right into the middle of your household…they’ll adapt to all noise and activity.
  • If kittens do something wrong, they’re being spiteful and must be punished.

These are all MYTHS that can harm your kitten! In one fun session, we bust these myths and offer 12 TRUTHS to help you raise your kitten to be a happy, loving, lifelong cat companion.
Kittens @ Happy Cats

Kittens 5 months and under are the most open to learning. Kitty Kindergarten can show you, your family and your kitten the skills you need to avoid problems later.

Your kitten will learn:

  • How to be a social butterfly instead of a scaredy cat
  • How to enjoy petting & handling for trim nails & beautiful fur
  • How to enjoy a lifetime of play so you don’t have a bored, fat cat
  • How to always go inside the box
  • How to scratch where you want to keep you & your furniture happy

You & your family will learn:

  • What your kitten is trying to tell you
  • How to make visits to the vet fun instead of fearful
  • How to have a more lovable cat with play, training & tricks
  • How to help your kitten stay healthy & happy its whole life

WHO: Healthy kittens 5 months & under with proof of vaccination…& their families
OR new adopters without kittens (we can loan you one :))

WHEN: Sundays–August 10th, September 14th & October 12th from 2 to 3:30 pm

WHERE: Happy Cats Haven, 1412 S. 21st Street, Colorado Springs

FREE:…to Happy Cats & HSPPR adopters
OR suggested donation of $20 for all others

Please contact us to sign up at 719-635-5000!

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