Morrison @ Happy Cats


Hey there! I’m Morrison! If you’re looking for a loving, active, playful little kitten, I’m your guy! I’m a sleek […]

Uno @ Happy Cats


Hi, I’m Uno, the first of the Adorable Amigos kittens here at Happy Cats. I’m a cute little brown tabby […]

Cinco @ Happy Cats


Hola, I’m Cinco, I’m a cute little brown tabby boy with a little white muzzle and the roundest face of […]

Ravioli @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Ravioli! I’m a fine young white and black Catolescent with the most stunning green eyes. I came to […]

Cloud @ Happy Cats


Greetings, I’m Cloud. I’m a stunning lilac point Siamese gent with piercing, almost turquoise blue eyes and warm taupe tones […]

Epic @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Epic! That’s a big name for such a small kitten, but I’m working hard to live up to […]

Lasagna @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Lasagna! I’m a dapper tabby catolescent, already 10.5 pounds at just 7 months old. I’m going to grow […]

Domino @ Happy Cats


Hiya, I’m Domino! I came here with my sister Pinky and my brother Epic. We’re all very sweet kittens in […]

Charlie @ Happy Cats

Charlie is adopted!

Nice to meet you, I’m Charlie! I’m a soft tuxedo boy with a perfect black mask, beauty mark on my […]

Snowy @ Happy Cats


Hi there, I’m Snowy! I’m a big handsome fellow with a bright white coat and big yellow green eyes. I’m […]

Champ @ Happy Cats

Champ is on hold!

Hiya, I’m Champ! I’m an adorable little tuxedo fellow with white daddylonglegs whisker and eyebrows and cream smudges on my […]

Cuatro @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Cuatro! I’m one of the Adorable Amigos, one of 5 brown tabby kittens with the cutest white rimmed […]

Chef @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m the Chef. I came here with my friends the Pasta Kitties and we’re here to give you your […]

Beau @ Happy Cats


Hi, I’m Beau! I’m a handsome silver fellow with bright white accents. I look almost exactly like my sister Betsy, […]

Ned @ Happy Cats


Hi there, I’m Ned! Just like my brother Fred, I’m a handsome tuxedo kitten with a black vest and white […]

Xander @ Happy Cats Haven


Hello, my name is Xander. I’m a handsome gent with the dignified presence and deep silver coat of a Russian […]

Seis @ Happy Cats

Seis is on hold!

Hi there, I’m Seis! I’m last but not least of the Amigos of Happy Cats, all adorable little brown tabby […]

Diesel loves Ashton

Diesel & Ashton

We’re Diesel and Ashton, two best buds who just want to find that special family! Diesel’s the big black cat […]

Doc @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Doc! I’m a very shiny black pantherette with just a little white on my chest and my tummy. […]

Fred @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Fred! I’m a handsome little tuxedo catolescent and I came here with my equally handsome brother Ned. With […]


News & Events

Clicker play @ Happy Cats

Click with Your Cat

September 21, 2014
2pm - 3:30pm

Join Sara for a fun introduction to Clicker Play, the best technique for teaching your cats as well as enriching their lives, strengthening your bond and sharpening your communication with them.

Walking on a Leash

Eat Play Love

September 28, 2014
2 pm - 4 pm

Be the person you would want if you were a cat! The right balance of diet, exercise, environmental enrichment and […]

Jack Frost @ Happy Cats

Kitty Kindergarten

October 14, 2014
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

The clock is ticking on your lovable little kitten! A few wrong moves can turn him into a scaredy-cat, but in one fun session, we can turn that around with the skills you need to raise him into your confident and affectionate Best Feline Friend.

Need to Rehome Your Cat?

We have a waiting list of at least 30 to 40 cats at any given time. If you need to surrender a cat, the first step is filling out the Cat Intake Application form. Know that you will probably wait 2-3 months before we have room to accept your cat. Happy Cats Haven is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any intake that is not in the best interest of the shelter and its cats, based on our principles, policies, and standards.


Marimba @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Marimba! I’m a very sweet dilute orange tabby lady with creamsicle fur and cute white paws that set […]

Betsy @ Happy Cats


Hi stranger, I’m Betsy! I’m a sleek silver lady with bright white front and back legs. My coat is really […]

Cupcake @ Happy Cats


Hello, I’m Cupcake! Once you meet me, you’ll know how I got my name…I’m just a wonderful, sweet cat. I’m […]

Snow White @ Happy Cats

Snow White

Hello, I’m Snow White! You can tell my foster family had a sense of humor when they named me though […]

Hedwig @ Happy Cats


Greetings, I’m Hedwig. You can see that my big round face and eyes look a lot like the owl eyes […]

Lilly Bug @ Happy Cats

Lilly Bug

Hi, I’m Lilly Bug! I’m a beautiful longhaired calico lady, a lot like a very round Maine Coon. My ears […]

Eileen @ Happy Cats


Hi, I’m Eileen! I was badly hurt and found my way under a nice lady’s porch, who helped rescue me […]

Zalia @ Happy Cats

Zalia is adopted!

Hi there, I’m Zalia! If you’re looking for an active little Catolescent to liven up your life, I’m your girl. […]

Dos @ Happy Cats


Hi stranger, I’m Dos! I’m one of 5 adorable Amigos here at Happy Cats, all peanut-butter brown tabbies with the […]

Shilo @ Happy Cats


Greetings, Earthlings. I’m Shilo. I come from a faraway land where I was Queen, Ruler of the Known Universe. You […]

Gracie @ Happy Cats


Hi there stranger, I’m Gracie. I’m a pretty silver tabby lady with chartreuse eyes. And yes, I’m a little plumpalicious. […]

Vivy @ Happy Cats


Hi stranger, I’m Vivy! I’m a big-eyed dark-haired starlet, just like that more famous Vivien, though I’m no spoiled Southern […]

Cheyenne @ Happy Cats


Nice to meet you, I’m Cheyenne! I’m one of those rare kitties, an orange tabby female rather than the more […]

Felina @ Happy Cats


Hi everyone, I’m Felina! I’m a beautiful longhaired little cat, like a miniature version of a fancy Maine Coon only […]

Pinky @ Happy Cats


Howdy, I’m Pinky! I came here with my brothers Domino and Epic. I’m the one with the sweet little pink […]

Sleepy @ Happy Cats


Hi there, I’m Sleepy, one of the 7 Dwarves here at Happy Cats! My name is pretty funny, as I’m […]


Woohoos & Happy Tales



on August 31, 2014

  Lewis, Tres, Olaf, Sloan, Torrez, Charlie, Morrison and ZALIA were adopted this week. Jog on, kitties! Please CLICK HERE to see the rest of our adoptable cats and kittens.     Read More→

Robin hugs Mary


on August 28, 2014

Robin was probably someone's sweet little gray and white kitten at one point, taught to love the touch of humans. But somewhere along the way, she lost the people she loved and found herself pregnant and Read More→

June @ Happy Cats Haven


on August 27, 2014

Happy Cats got a call from some nice folks back in 2011. A family had moved, abandoning their 3 dogs and "some cats." It turned out the cats were a pregnant mother cat and her older kittens. The mom was a Read More→


Anubis & Khafre

on August 26, 2014

Baby Fitz had a very rough start. Born at a hoarder's, he was found when Happy Cats Board Member Barb was called to the scene. Along with scores of cats, kittens in all stages of ill health were strewn Read More→

Charile & Sweet Dee @ home

Sweet Dee & Charlie

on August 25, 2014

Sweet Dee and Charlie were found by Happy Cats friend and TNR trapper Carmel. She was helping Roy stabilize his feral colony by getting everyone spayed or neutered. Their mom had brought them to Roy to take Read More→